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Experience the Exquisite Cajun Boil, Taste Bring It Home Today

Cajun boil the ultimate sauce mild

The Ultimate Sauce Spice is a fantastatic, midly-spicy, companion for a seafood night at home, a cookout with friends, or any night you crave some Cajun spice in your life!

Our seasoning sauce-mix comes in powder form for extra long shelf life, and super easy-to-follow instructions.

Cajun boil the ultimate sauce mild
Karl Matthew SisonKarl Matthew Sison
16:45 13 Nov 22
Great place for seafood boil! My friends and I came here for dinner and we were sat right away. We were quickly greeted by our server and she got our food and drinks out pretty fast as well! We shared a combo and everything tasted great. Their snow crab legs and crawfish were really meaty and the combo itself was a pretty sharable size. Definitely recommend coming here if you're craving seafood!
13:38 06 May 22
Amazing seafood at a great price. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Miami. All of the dishes we ordered and their respective spice levels (customizable) exceeded our expectations for a restaurant in the US. If you eat Asian-level spicy foods, get the On Fire sauce because it will just be a bit tingly.
Steven HalesSteven Hales
21:47 22 Apr 22
I had never been to a boil, or cracked shellfish until dining here.Let me tell you I have been thinking about this meal daily. It’s a ‘remember that time when’ kind of meal.The place isn’t fancy, no frills but plenty of thrills.The sauce, the lobster, the crab, the mussels, the prawns were just incredible. Server was very kind in showing us what to do so we didn’t waste a moment.Wished I had asked for the sauce to be bagged up. We went with the ultimate, just do it already.Go, go now!
Lou HuLou Hu
19:36 14 Apr 22
The food here is amazing! Didn’t expect to have such a great meal on my second day in Miami. I ordered combo 2, the portion is enough for at least 3 people. And def try the char grilled oysters! Our server Miss Qiu is very nice! If I live in Miami, I’ll def come back every week!
Xiaoyi GeXiaoyi Ge
01:27 15 Mar 22
The food here is amazing! The flavor is *chefs kisses😍 fresh and flavorful and just overall very nice dining experience. Would recommend to anyone in Miami who’s looking for amazing Seafood to enjoy!Also Qiu’s service was very good, too!! 🥰
02:42 20 Oct 22
I love me a good seafood boil. This was my first in Florida and I was NOT disappointed. First boil I noticed the shrimp was deveined. The spices and seasoning was great and the drinks were good as well. Staff was nice very welcoming environment, it's located in a mall so the location was convenient. I don't know if I'd go back but I'm glad I went.
Rissa ERissa E
20:01 20 Apr 22
I went with my boyfriend back in March. His first time having a seafood boil and he loved it. I’ve been to Cajun Boil multiple times but this time was the best. I got the snow crab seafood boil with broccoli corn and sausages. The food was so fresh when it came out. Everything was tasty. The waitress was very polite and helpful. I suggest Cajun Boil for anybody looking for a yummy seafood experience
Cece SaintCece Saint
20:30 17 Apr 22
I’ve been going here for three years straight for seafood, the flavors never changed and it is amazing. The ultimate sauce is amazing, words can not describe the flavors in my mouth. However, one thing I will say that is ridiculous and I absolutely HATE—which is a waste of your money is the amount of “sausages” they give out as an add on. I can not make this up, 5 pieces, literally 1-2-3-4-5 pieces of sausage and they are not 5 thick pieces of sausage, 5 little thin slices of the meat that you barely could see under that sauce. Now that’s a waste and I advise no one to buy it unless they (Cajun Boil) change that. If YOU want to go and add it to your boil that’s up to you. Another thing, the chocolate cake with ice cream—when I came the first couple of times, it was absolutely delicious but over the years it’s taken a wrong turn and it’s not even good anymore. More doughy than cake-y. As for the atmosphere, it’s chill, not to loud, and is very clean, it’s like if Target made a seafood baby. With the drink situation, unlike other seafood places where you can get unlimited refills, you have to consistently buy the soft drink. Let say you wanted brisk or a sprite you have to buy two cans to satisfy you. Buying one can is not enough. Waitresses and waiters are sweet, kind, and very respectful. For one person depending on what you like you might spend less and $125 (MAYBE) I usually spend about $80 dollars. For every person added on if you’re not splitting a check, it’s doubled.
adam rayadam ray
20:44 30 Jan 22
This place is super awesome! Very pricey for the combos, but you're seriously getting enough food for 2 people in them!A word of caution though, they're mild is still super spicy, so be careful of that. Their ultimate sauce is absolutely delicious as well!
Starry YuanStarry Yuan
02:22 30 Sep 22
Very great seafood with decent price! We tried combo 5 with shrimp, snow crab and lobster tail. The default sauce with cajun and butter is really great! We also tried fried aligator, very interesting taste, a bit like chicken but more tender.The service is really great and quick. They provided with gloves and head robe.
Anhisha CooperAnhisha Cooper
13:06 13 Sep 22
Listen! If your looking for a Cajun boil this is the place to go! I normally order mine via Uber eats and been for two months now and yes I have purchased it multiple times and multiple days in a row cause it’s so delicious.In store I was able to add more items I wanted versus the app but it just so delicious and makes it worth the price.Highly recommend for anyone looking for a Cajun boil or a date day.
Sandra ColonSandra Colon
22:56 08 May 22
Best boil I've ever had! Lily the owner is super sweet. Service was great. I even had the carrot cake dessert and OMG... it was delicious. I wish we had a spot like this is NY. Will definitely come back here.
Justin EstevesJustin Esteves
12:08 10 Feb 22
When coming to Florida we make sure dinner for the first night is a nice seafood Boil. We went for combo #3. It was our first time trying Alaskan King Crab legs and they were delicious. The clams and shrimp were plentiful. The sauce in the boil was excellent. Always made sure to dip every piece. The staff were helpful and attentive. Will definitely return in the future.
Erin MaherErin Maher
00:44 14 Jan 22
This place was amazing! Server was nice. Talked about the menu with us first, offered to give different drink to my child if he didn't like what he got. Checked on us to make sure everything was good. Food was delicious and fresh. Definitely would eat here again and again.